Free Way to Earn FB Credits–and More!

Are you looking for a way to earn free FB credits? Many sites out there say that they can help you earn free credits for Facebook, but the problem is that either they are a scam or just downright untrue. However, today that free stuff are seldom seen, there is one exciting site that can definitely give you credits for online games, shopping, entertainment, and many more.

GiftHulk is a free membership site that lets users earn points and exchange these points for something useful. Unlike other sites out there (mostly PPC networks), GiftHulk provides an easier way to earn points. There are several things you can do daily in order to accumulate a certain number of points for the reward you want. For instance, you can answer the daily poll, input the code for the Fountain of Youth, accomplish tasks, check out offers, and others. Each of these can earn you different amounts of Hulk Points, but the sure things is that you will be closer to getting the reward you want. Other sites require you to click a thousand times before you receive a  fraction of a dollar, but GiftHulk’s point system is definitely easier–you just need to login every day in order to earn points faster.


Like other sites, users are encouraged to refer friends in order to make earning easier. Each successful referral will earn a user 20% of the points earned by the person referred. The game is about referring as many as you can in order to make earning Hulk points faster.

GiftHulk also have occasional contests for users. For instance, during the Christmas of 2011, the site asked users to submit a photo of themselves together with the GiftHulk logo or mascot. The winner of this contest shall receive 600 Hulk points, which can already purchase about two $15 worth of FB credits. Aside from contests, there is also a playground where users can compete for the top rank in order to receive huge amounts of Hulk points.

But that is not all. Users can also submit poll questions, and once the submitted question is published, the user will get 3 Hulk points. Videos and photos for testimonials are also welcome, and each awards a user with 5 Hulk points. Definitely, there are several ways to earn Hulk points with GiftHulk. You just have to be patient in order to get to the required number of points to redeem your reward.

Don’t waste your time in scams and other offers out there saying that they can give you free FB credits. Here on this vast Internet, there is not much free stuff, but there is GiftHulk, a heaven-sent website for people who want to earn for free. Start earning your Hulk Points now!

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