Applying for PayPal Using BDO Debit Card

BDO Debit Card

If you are applying for a PayPal account using a BDO ATM card, or for that matter any card from Banco De Oro, prepare yourself for disappointment because you will be having some problems. Banco De Oro is not accredited by PayPal and has no agreement with the said company whatsoever, so this is one big reason why PayPal rejects all BDO cards.

Last month, I applied for a bank account, and I chose Banco De Oro because it has a branch near to where I live. I submitted all the requirements and went through all the formalities, and I was a bit excited when I finally got the card.

After a day when the card has been activated, I visited PayPal’s online address and created an account. It was very easy. But I found out that there would be limits in the sending amount and withdrawal of any amount would not be allowed unless I link my account to a credit or debit card. I tried to verify my account to lift the limits, but my account number was rejected.

I started to become nervous. I searched online about using BDO ATM card for PayPal, and then I understood that it was really impossible. There were a lot of others out there who experienced the same thing as I did.

Thus, my suggestion is that if you are applying for a PayPal account, better use EON from UnionBank. Compared with BDO, UnionBank has no maintaining balance requirement, and the only amount you have to pay is Php. 350.oo plus the initial deposit you want. UnionBank is accredited by PayPal, so there will be no problems when it comes to your application.

I got my lesson from this experience. It is really hard to go through legal banking stuff. I hope you will never experience the same thing. Good luck in your PayPal application.

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12 responses to “Applying for PayPal Using BDO Debit Card


    • Allan

      i got a paypal account and a bdo debit card.
      out of the p2019 that my friend sent, p50 went to paypal and p200 went to bdo. So I only got P1769.

  2. What is the best way to have transactions, like me accepting jobs only at home, paid by paypal online? Please help ……

  3. leona

    thank you very informative.lseli

  4. cj

    thats a cash card not a debit card or credit card.. dapat visa sya or master card and with checking account para mlink ung paypal sa bdo..

  5. Dati, pwedeng mag verify ng Paypal and transfer ng funds using BDO debit card, but now.. hindi na pupwede.

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  9. Took me sometimes to read some the comments, however I no ifs ands or buts enjoyed the post. It proved to be pretty beneficial to me and I am unavoidable to all the commenters right here! It’s all the time good when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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